Why You Should Jump On The Smartwatch Trend

by Ina Ross

Many times, most individuals consider smartwatches as a waste of resources. Some might wonder why they need a smartwatch when they have a smartphone. In this article, we shall discuss seven reasons why smartwatches are just as important as smartphones.

7 Reasons Why You Need A Smartwatch

  1. Entertainment on the go:Your smartwatch is never a regular watch. Regular watches don’t have extra features apart from telling the time, however, your smartwatches do. Imagine being able to play songs and watch videos on the go. Indeed, that would be great. With the latest models of smartwatches, you could even store your songs and play them using wireless Bluetooth.
  2. Stay connected for longer:You might not realize this, but smartwatches have batteries that last longer than your smartphone’s battery. Do not dismay when the battery of your smartphone gives out as you could stay connected and entertained for longer with your smartwatch.
  3. Access your social media: Another mind-blowing feature of a smartwatch is its access to social media notifications. While some smartwatches require a Bluetooth connection to fetch your feed, others require a SIM and data plan to do this.
  4. Fitness Trainer on your Wrist:A core feature of most smartwatches is the fitness tracker. If you are one of those many persons who have to carry a pedometer around while exercising, you really should get one attached to your wrist instead. With a smartwatch, you could calculate your heart rate, calorie value, distance, steps, and so much more. Some smartwatches also come with a “Relax Reminder” feature in their programming. Only high heart rates and blood pressure trigger the Relax Reminder. Some models are even suitable for swimmers as they are waterproof.
  5. Instantly Receive calls and texts:Have you ever been in a scenario where picking up calls or texting on your phone was totally out of place? Well, smartwatches have got that covered. With a smartwatch, you could answer calls and reply to texts. Remember, smartwatches perform this function on a small scale.
  6. A replacement for your wallet:One might never have thought it possible to make payments using a smartwatch. It would interest you to know that making payments with your smartwatch is very much possible. Wherever mobile payments are acceptable, software like Google Pay and Apple Pay allows you to make cashless payments. You can find this feature in a wide range of smartwatches.
  7. Your very own health monitor:You might wonder, how is this any different from its function as a fitness tracker? Well, aside from tracking your fitness activities, your smartwatch can track your sleep and provide relatable insights on how to be well-rested. In some models, women can estimate their ovulation, track their period, and record symptoms.


Smartwatches are indeed a must-have. With them, you have both fashion and function on your wrist. You need not look any further for your montre connectée femme, so why wait before getting a smartwatch of your own?

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