Why portrait mode should be used by app developers

by Ina Ross

We all have heard about the famous portrait mode in our smartphones. Since Apple phones fully exploited the mode, people have kept coming up with new angles to take pictures. The portrait mode is not only exclusive to Apple products. Many smartphone makers have also embraced this mode and even renamed it. Think Samsung.

However, this is not just for fun. With the Huawei camera kit, app developers can harness the power of the portrait in more ways. Before we talk about this, let’s provide two reasons why people love the portrait mode.

Why the portrait mode is so popular today

It Brings Outs The Person

As the name implies, it’s all about the person who is taking the picture. The mode aims to bring out the person and make them the center of the picture. It does this by blurring out everything in the background. What you get at the end is a crystal clear picture of the person with the background all blurred, yet so beautiful. That is simply amazing.

It’s Stylish

Photography in general has taken large leaps in the last few years. The portraits are firmly part of that development. It has brought in a much more stylish way of taking pictures. In years to come, the portrait mode on our smartphones look set to live on.

How App Developers Can Use The Portrait Mode

Are you looking to add the portrait mode into your new app. with the Huawei camera kit, you can now do this to devastating effect.

This kit can allow you to easily blend the capabilities of your user’s Huawei cameras with the camera kit. What this does is to stretch the shooting capabilities of your apps to match the ones on the phones. The ultimate winner here is the users.

Fortunately for us, one of the features available to the camera kit is the portrait mode. This means the portrait mode can also be enhanced.

Here are some things that you can do with the portrait mode.

All Effects Can Be Accessed

With the Huawei camera kit, you can access all the amazing benefits of the portrait mode. This will include the lighting effect, skin beautification, blurring, and even face slimming abilities. It really is the complete package.

With this on your app, your users will definitely be thrilled.

IDE Tool

The IDE tools can also be used in the integration process. This can be done by making the camera development on your app simpler through the advanced APIs. This will mean a much clearer camera quality in a shorter time. It will also mean the presence of the portrait mode.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The portrait mode is seemingly very popular. You can even make it much popular. By placing the portrait mode in your app, you can thrill your users. This is possible if you use the Huawei camera kit. So what are you really waiting for?

Make your app more popular than you ever thought it could be!

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