Want the perfect child watch? Read this!

by Ina Ross

You may have been gifted a child watch at several points in your life, but you’d probably remember the first one. What was its color? Can you remember who gave it to you? It was probably a big deal to you then because it gave you a minute sense of maturity and prestige.

Now, you’re all grown up and it’s time to give your loved littles their montre enfant. You’d be shocked at how excited these watch pieces will make them. To make the younger generations value them, you should give them one that stands the test of time and is made of quality material.

The mistake a lot of people make is that they choose any kind of wristwatch for children because they feel that they would appreciate it regardless. Even though they will, they will appreciate it better when a gift is carefully chosen and selected for them.

Without further ado, let’s look for the things to consider when buying a child watch.

Things to consider when buying a child watch

1. Give the child watch at the right time

Ironic, isn’t it?

For any gift to make sense, you have to give it to someone that is old enough to understand the value. The same thing applies to giving a child watch. There is no ideal age to give a child a watch. Different children mature at different rates. Some grow faster than others, so there is no rule.

Generally, kids begin to differentiate between abstract and real concepts by the age of 5. They understand how important hours, seconds, and minutes are. Most kids begin to read the analog clock by 7. So, the recommended age is between 7 and 8, but it can be earlier or later depending on the child.

2. Look out for kid-friendly features

Good watches can make kids feel like grown-ups, but you still need a watch that suits their lifestyles and naiveness. One of the kid-friendly features you should look out for is water resistance.

Kids often don’t remember that water can be harmful to their devices, so they can run around splashing water on themselves, washing their hands, or spilling drinks on the table or couch. This helps to protect the watch when their naiveness gets the best of them.

Also, look out for adjustable watch straps. Kids won’t be kids forever, so they need a watch that can grow with them as well. If possible, the strap should be washable so that you can easily eliminate inevitable messes. The strap can be made of nylon.

3. Digital vs analog child watch

Now, you may be caught in the middle between buying a digital or analog watch for the child. Although digital devices are easier to read than analog, it doesn’t dismiss the importance of telling time traditionally.

Analog watches help to improve the child’s mathematical skills and learn basic concepts. Also, they may go to places where there are no digital clocks and they have to tell the time. Let them master the art of traditional time-telling first before they delve into digital watches.

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